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The Pop-Up Chefs® Spices!

We offer four levels of spicy food, from the traditional to the very, very hostile hot spciy option.
They are made from organic birds eye chilli.

Traditonally Plain! - Level 1
This is normal food without any spice at all but packed full of mouth watering flavours, herbs and our Moma's Secret ingredients to wow you! If you don't like peppers or spicy food, this is your safe & best option."

Mildly Spicy - Level 2

This is a very mild spice level, raising the spice-o-meter level of your mouth to a mere 2 out of 10 reading. You will taste the spice but it will neither make you sweat nor alarm your senses. This is a very safe level for novices who are not at all used to or accustomed to consuming spicy food. It will pleasantly surprise your taste buds.

Hot & Spicy! - Level 3
This is strong but it is not over the top level of spice. This is a level 6 out of 10 level. It will make you desire to drink more water or juices to calm the flamming effect in your mouth and tongue.

An exciting option only suitable for experienced spicy food lovers. DO NOT order spicy food at this level if you are not used to eating hot & Spicy foods at all!

Hostile, Very Hot & Spicy! - Level 4

This a level 10 out of 10 on the Spice-O-Meter! It offer comsumers a very hot sensation in the mouth. You will feel the kick of the spice in it. When it kicks in your taste buds will tingle and feel the full force of the Habenero pepper. It is VERY strong maybe classified as over the top for some people. It will make you desire to drink more water or juices to calm the flamming effect for sure. An exciting option suitable ONLY for the most experienced spicy food lovers.

Health Warning!
DO NOT order, consume or taste spicy food at any level and at any time UNLESS you are used to eating mild, hot or very hot & Spicy foods!

Be warned! We accept no liabilities for harm caused to consumers who have ordered spicy foods from us. Consumer beware!

Pop-Up Chefs® is an eclectic, fusion styled, fine dining experience at our Pop-Up venue or at your home - Using well sourced, organic local ingredients, prepared specially for you in a health conscious way and not drowned in oil!

Using organic, free range, farm fresh local animals raised in dignity and in their natural habitat. Food cooked with you in mind. Healthy eating, wholeness and freshness - Awesome experience!

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General Email: admin@popupchefs.co.uk

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