We prep, we broil, we roast, we steam, we bake,
we grill and we make sure you are well satisfied!

Professional Chefs At Your Service!

We regret that due to Covid-19 crisis, we are unable to offer our Chefs for home cooking services until further notice!

Who We Are-Pop-Up Chefs®
Pop-Up Chefs is a trademark and subsidiary of Real Chicken Limited.

We are Chefs and seasoned Home Cooks to begin with. We love cooking. We enjoy cooking. We care about what people eat. We make it our business to feed people quality & good tasting food. Secondly, we love to serve! We are your humble servants who labour for you and love on you to see that you are fed the best meals, using organic, & free range products coming from reputable & traceable sources. Our Chefs have several decaces of cooking experience and delight in what they do.

Our House Style:

At Pop-Up Chefs® we proudly offer an eclectic, fusion styled, gourmet fine dining experience at our Pop-Up venues or at your home - Using well sourced, organic, local ingredients, prepared specially for you in a health conscious way. We will never drown your food in oil!

We proudly use organic, farm fresh produce & offer animals raised in dignity and in their own natural habitat. We offer food cooked with you in mind. We subscribe to the culture of healthy eating, wholeness and freshness. We promise you an awesome experience.! Our Pop-Up Events!

Our Pop-Up Chefs® events are designed to give consumers the chance to experience our food in an intimate, family style setting. It is a food adventure and a chance to taste and try something new, unique and creative. Something that is different from the local restaurant scene. It is our way of treating you to a new eatry experience. We are unlike any other restauarant or caterers. We are real! Our Pop-Ups are highly sought after and it is an experience you will not forget in a hurry. We suggest that you get on our waiting list quickly.

Whats On The Menu?

It is a treat! A surprising three, five or seven course menu cooked in a fusion styled, multi-ethnic & multi-cultural way. We offer a privately tailored fine dining experience. We bring you a delightful restuarant experience in an intimate setting and we serve you your food with a fine selection of house wines, water & juices. Non-Alcoholic wine selections are also made available to those prefering it.


How Many People Are Allowed At A Time?

For private home dining we recommend a minimum of 6 and a maxiumum of 12.
For house parties/events we require a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 24 people.
For our Pop-Up events, the minimum number is 12 and our maximum is 24.
We aim to keep the atmosphere intimate, private and special.

What are the time frames?
For Pop-Up events - Allow yourself 2-3hours for the whole experience
For House parties/Private dinners - Allow 3-4Hours for the whole experience.

Early Booking Warning!
if you'd like to experience either style of our services, we strongly suggest that you book very early. We operate a first come - first served ethos.

Up Coming Pop-Up Events?

Our next Pop-Ups will happen in November & in December, 2019. We host them at different secret venues in or around the city of Edinburgh & East Lothian. They are worth a try. Your will love it!

Pop-Up Event Fee?
3 Course Meals - £45 per head
5 Course Meals - £55 per head
7 Course Meals - £65 per head
All meals include, Wine, water, juices, tea & Coffee.
Pop-Up Event Payment?
All reservations must be paid for in advance once notified of your approved reservation via email.

Our Pledge - Our Guarantee!

At Pop-Up Chefs® we will never feed you anything that we will not eat or feed our own family! Our family and staff are committed to offering you healthy foods & we will never waiver from operating with a health conscious & wholeness mindset.
We will always be fair and honest with you.
You have our word on that!


Pop-Up Chefs® is an eclectic, fusion styled, fine dining experience at our Pop-Up venue or at your home - Using well sourced, organic local ingredients, prepared specially for you in a health conscious way and not drowned in oil!

Using organic, free range, farm fresh local animals raised in dignity and in their natural habitat. Food cooked with you in mind. Healthy eating, wholeness and freshness - Awesome experience!

Booking Email: booking@popupchefs.co.uk
General Email: admin@popupchefs.co.uk

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