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We regret that due to Covid-19 crisis, we are unable to offer our Chefs for home cooking services until further notice!

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Who We Are-Pop-Up Chefs®?

We are Chefs and seasoned Home Cooks with many years of experience. We love cooking and we enjoy cooking. We care about what people eat and we make it our business to feed people healthy, quality & good tasting food. Secondly, we love to serve! We are your humble servants who labour for you and love on you to see that you are fed the best meals, using organic, & free range products coming from reputable & traceable sources. Our Chefs have several decades of cooking experience and delight in what they do.

What Is The House Style:

At Pop-Up Chefs® we proudly offer an eclectic, fusion styled, gourmet fine dining experience at our Pop-Up venues or at your home - Using well sourced, organic, local ingredients, prepared specially for you in a health conscious way. We will never drown your food in oil!

We proudly use organic, farm fresh produce & offer animals raised in dignity and in their own natural habitat. We offer food cooked with you in mind. We subscribe to the culture of healthy eating, wholeness and freshness. We promise you an awesome experience.

What Are The Pop-Up Events like?

Our Pop-Up EVENTS are designed to give consumers the chance to experience our food in an intimate, family style setting. It is a food adventure and a chance to taste and try something new, unique and creative. Something that is different from the local restaurant scene. It is our way of treating you to a new eatry experience. We are unlike any other restauarant or caterers. We are different! Our Pop-Ups are highly sought after and it is an experience you will not forget in a hurry. We suggest that you get on our much sough sfter waiting list quickly.

What Is On The Menu?

It is a treat! A surprising three, five, seven or nine course menu cooked in a gourmet, fusion style, with a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural twist. We offer a privately tailored, gourmet style, fine dining experience to please your palate. We bring you a delightful restuarant style experience in an intimate setting and we serve you your food with a fine selection of house wines, water, fresh juices & vintage coffee.

Ethical & Sustainable

We offer menus that are made entirely from items that are in season. So whatever vegetable is currently being harvested in the winter, spring, summer or Autumn will be on your dinner table. We are an earth friednly outfit and we strictly ensure that the farmers we procure from and work with believe in organic principles & are invested in free range livestock farming in a sustainable way.


Are Meals Served With Wine?
Yes! We serve house wines, water, fresh juices & Coffee at all our pop-Up & home catering events. We offer a selection of White wine, Red Wine & Rose. We can also provide Non-Alcoholic wine options for those preferring that option.

Pop-Up Event Number:

Our pop-Up events host between a minimum of 12 to a maximum of 24 people at a sitting. Participants should allowed themselves 2-3hrs per session. If you'd like to experience it, you must book early. You will be spoilt and pampered in our unique house style. It is an experience not to be missed.

Hiring Out Our Chefs For Cooking Overseas?
We do hire out our Chefs, Cooks & Assistant Chefs/maître d to come to your home and cook you a selection of our gourmet styled, eclectic, beautiful tasting meals overseas. Our staff will travel overseas do this for you in the comfort & privacy of your holiday home & do it to a very hight standard that will impress, pamper & wow you & your guests.

Typically, our staff will arrive days/hours ahead to shop for your ingredients, prep your food and ensure that your dinner/lunch is served as per your agreed requirement, accompanied by a select choice of white wine, red wine or Rose of your choice. Water, juices, tea & coffee are also served as required. We are good at making you feel like kings or queens in your own castle.

Pop-Up Event Fee:

We charge from £45+ per head, (for three, five, seven or nine Course Meals, with Dessert, water, juices & Tea/Coffee) all paid for in advance once notified of your approved reservation via email. Wine are EXTRAS and wil be charged for separately depending on your request. Travel cost will be added as well as waiter or assistant chef's fee/cost as applicable.

Our Pledge - Our Guarantee!

At Pop-Up Chefs® , we will never sell you anything that we will not eat or feed to our own family! Our family and staff are committed to offering you healthy foods & we will never waiver from operating with a health conscious & wholeness mindset.
We will always be fair and honest with you.
You have our word on it!

Up Coming Pop-Up Events?

Pop-Ups dates & locations are always advertised well in advance. We host them at different secret venues in Edinburgh and at locations within an hour from the city of Edinburgh. They are worth a try. Your will love it!

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Pop-Up Chefs® is an eclectic, fusion styled, fine dining experience at our Pop-Up venue or at your home - Using well sourced, organic local ingredients, prepared specially for you in a health conscious way and not drowned in oil!

Using organic, free range, farm fresh local animals raised in dignity and in their natural habitat. Food cooked with you in mind. Healthy eating, wholeness and freshness - Awesome experience!

Booking Email: booking@popupchefs.co.uk
General Email: admin@popupchefs.co.uk

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